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One piece of lemon caramel

One piece of lemon caramel

A small box containing one piece of chocolate lemon caramel. The newest addition to our summer collection. Made by our passionated confectioner Laurent.

Sustainability 6 months.

Lemon caramel Ingredients: Granulated sugar (sugar), dark chocolate 71% (cocoa solids, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (E322 (sunflower))), white chocolate (sugar, cocoa solids, dried whole milk, hight-temperature pasteurised dried skimmed milk, emulsifier (E322 (sunflower)), natural flavoring (vanilla), cocoa butter, butter, lemon. May contain traces of: NUTS, GLUTEN and EGG. 45 g Best stored at 15-20 degrees C.
35,00 SEK
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