Production of hand-made chocolates

Rinnande choklad

In our factory, 3 km east of Åre, where the foot of Åreskutan meets the end of Lake Åresjön, we produce more than nine million chocolates every year. There is hectic activity: the chocolate pots bubble, hazelnuts are ground and fresh berries are stirred into the truffle mix. Alongside our normal production, we are continually testing new flavours. Our chocolates, creamy truffles or soft caramels now offer around 30 different flavour experiences. Prior to every season and major holiday we develop new chocolates and beautiful new cones or boxes.

How we do things

  1. Ingredients are delivered and we put them into dry storage, fridges or freezers.
  2. We crush berries to make purées for the chocolate fillings.
  3. Kokeriet –this is where we cook truffles and chocolate caramels in copper pans on gas stoves.
  4. The truffle is poured onto trays to set.
  5. The truffle is then cut into small squares that are separated by hand.
  6. We dip the truffle in dark, milk or white chocolate.
  7. The finished chocolates are packed into cones or placed on trays.
  8. The cones are closed by folding them and sealing them with a sticker. The boxes are packed and closed on a bench.
  9. Fully-labelled products are placed in trays to be taken to the shop or the orders department.
  10. Customers buy chocolate in our attractive bags!