Our values


– genuine, innovative, flavourful and cheerful

We are a great gang at the factory, working on the basis of our four core values: genuine, innovative, flavourful and cheerful. These values help us to pull in the same direction, to get along, to have fun and to make chocolate that is associated with quality, a surprising taste experience and unexpected pleasure. In brief, our values build our brand.

If you want to work with us, it is a good idea to know about our values, what they represent. and what we expect of you:

  • Genuine
    Our chocolates are made with love and joy – on site in Åre, with firm hands and control of the ingredients, handling, production, packaging and delivery. Our chocolates will be of the highest quality and the experience will be first class. Being genuine also includes the quality of personal interaction – both between us at the chocolate factory and when we meet our customers. Our cones are the original – the first ones on the market – the real thing.
  • Innovative
    We stay a step ahead by thinking in new ways. We set the trends that everyone wants to copy. We are good at using ideas and opinions, good at giving and receiving praise and criticism, and we follow up and evaluate. We develop our packaging, chocolates, cones and products. We learn new things and we refresh our knowledge – we develop.
  • Flavourful
    We are careful about the first impression – and the second. It should be an experience to look at our packages, to step into our shop, to see our advertising – and to meet us. And tasting our chocolate should be surprisingly good and an unexpected pleasure.
  • Cheerful
    Chocolate is joyful – and we are happy to share it. We have a positive approach, show appreciation, encourage and praise each other. We show great respect to each other and our customers. We want to create good relationships. We find joy in our work and are proud of what we do. Working with us should be as enjoyable as eating our chocolate.