About us

Åre is the largest ski resort in northern Europe. People come here from all over the world, to ski, cycle and walk in the mountains… and to enjoy delicious chocolate. Many people also take the chance to visit Åre Chokladfabrik, a chocolate factory that has produced hand-made chocolates, truffles and caramels since 1991.

Choklad Tjejer

These chocolates from Åre are available in many different flavours and are made by hand, preferably using local ingredients. The first chocolates that were produced, and which are still popular today, included cloudberry, lingonberry, bilberry and goat whey cheese.

At Åre Chokladfabrik, we enjoy the element of surprise and are continually developing our range and our special trademark – our characteristic cones. We now offer around 30 different chocolate experiences – made with creamy truffle, soft caramel and nougat, each with an individually designed cone. Ahead of each season and holiday period, we produce new chocolates and cones that are associated with the season or celebration. The messages on our cones vary too, such as Congratulations, You’re Special, Happy Autumn, World’s Best Mum, World’s Best Dad, Thank You and Merry Christmas. Giving someone a cone, or a bouquet of cones, should feel like a special thing to do when you want to surprise someone.

We have expanded our range over the years, and our boxes, caramel bars and brittle are now as popular as the cones.

Our chocolate is sold via approximately 1800 retailers in well-stocked stores throughout the Nordic region, as well as in our webshop – and we sell a lot of it in our factory shop in Åre. Guests, tourists, passers-by and locals all enjoy coming to the shop to sample our new flavours or to hang out in the chocolate bar, where you can choose your own flavouring for your mug of hot chocolate. Drop by and say hello the next time you’re in Åre.

Choklad pralin


Thanks to our good cheer, determination and love of chocolate, Åre Chokladfabrik has grown year after year. We now make around nine million chocolates annually, and each chocolate is made with lots of love and care. We are a great gang at the factory and, over the years, our work has been founded on our four core values – genuine, innovative, flavourful and cheerful. These values help us to pull in the same direction, to get along, have fun and to make chocolates that are associated with quality, a surprising taste experience and unexpected pleasure.

Åre Chokladfabrik was founded in 1991 by three friends and grandpa’s old preserving pan. The three friends – Marina Hansson, Eva-Lena Grape and Marie Söderhielm – picked bilberries for the bilberry truffle, folded cones and made all the chocolates by hand. Marina, Eva-Lena and Marie still run the business, which now has around twenty employees in the factory in Björnänge, where the foot of Åreskutan meets the end of Lake Åresjön.