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Order our popular Chocolate Calendar.
Chocolate Calendar

A huge love of chocolate

Three friends and grandpa’s preserving pan

160,00 SEK

Special Edition 25 yearsbox 180 gr

Cloudberry, Blueberry, Lingonberry, Goat´s whey

59,00 SEK

Blackcurrant/Raspberry truffle

Blackcurrant/Raspberry truffles covered in dark chocolate

59,00 SEK

Chili truffles

Chili truffles covered in dark chocolate

59,00 SEK

Swedish Delight

Swedish delight

59,00 SEK

Salt liquorice truffles

Salt liquorice truffles covered in chocolate


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Arrac truffle

Our arrac truffle is finally back during the summer. Its made of swedish “Flaggpunsch” and covered with dark chocolate.    


Bananatruffles with cocoa nibs

Our own bananatruffle with cocoa nibs  is now released. The bananatruffle is covered with milk chocolate.


Happy Summer!

Do not miss our ” Happy Summer” cone. Release next week.  

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